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Birds - Rabbits - Fish and other small animals

We don't want to forget how important small animals are, and we acknowledge that they need just as much love and care as dogs and cats. 

Pet Sitting Plus can care for your budgie, cockatoo, rabbit, guinea pig, ferrett, mice, fish, yabbies, or any other domestic animal you may have. 

A care visit for a small animal will include:

  • Lots of love and attention
  • Feeding your pet
  • Providing clean water
  • Cleaning of cage / aviary / hutch if required
  • Supplying fresh greens
  • Emptying of the letter box
  • Home and yard security check
  • Opening and closing of curtains
  • Take garbage bins to and from the kerb
  • Watering plants if needed

We recommend visiting at least once a day, especially in hot weather to ensure your pet isn't suffering from heat stress.