Cat Minding


Pet Sitting Plus understands that cats are quite independent animals, and that they require just as much love and attention as dogs. Cats can suffer greatly from stress if taken from their usual surroundings, meaning a home visit from Pet Sitting Plus is exactly what you need!

Cats are extremely territorial and love being in their own environment. A home visit once or twice a day ensures your cat gets company plus the love and attention he/she needs while you’re away. When you arrive home you will find that your cat is stress free and happy - as though you haven’t left!

Kittens need special care so let us visit and ensure they are safe and well if you can’t be there!

Many of our clients with cats book morning & afternoon visits. 

A care visit such as this will include:

  • Lots of love and attention
  • Feeding your cat
  • Washing up dishes and providing clean water
  • Changing of kitty litter
  • Emptying of the letter box
  • Home and yard security check
  • Opening and closing of curtains
  • Take garbage bins to and from the kerb
  • Watering plants if needed