Going away from home leaving your loved pet is always a worry, however having Bronwyn look after our cat Tiggle made it so much easier. Having a genuine love of animals and care for your home we could not ask for more. Now booking that next holiday won't be delayed as we know our animal is safe. - Sharon Carmichael - Umina


Bronwyn, thanks for your wonderful care of Pippa recently - she is so timid and wary of people usually but was calm and happy when we got home. Also, my plants all survived the extreme rain and storms because of your care and attention. We are most grateful to you and will be in touch again!                      -   Lily Scott - Woy Woy


Hi Bronwyn

Thank you so much, again, for your care of our Labrador, Tara, and our home whilst we were away. This is the second time we have used your service, and will continue to do so. We appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail - for example the text you sent to us (as we were overseas) to reassure us that Tara was well and happy, was much appreciated. Similarly the note you left for us on our arrival home and your follow up call to ensure we had returned to Tara. On our return we found Tara looking very healthy, well brushed, and happy. We have tried alternatives in the past but I can tell that Tara is most happy staying in her own environment with you coming to visit her. My husband also appreciates the security for the house in you coming to visit each day, collect the mail, bins etc. And I know you water my pot plants for me because on both occasions, we were away for at least 2-3 weeks in the heat of summer and I did not lose a pot plant!!! THANK YOU. Your care is our peace of mind.
— Nicole Blandford

We have utilised the services of Pet Sitting Plus for nearly 5 years.

We have two cats, and initially we placed them as kittens in a “cattery” – boarding kennel scenario. Whilst this was okay for a night or two, we found that when we wished to embark on a longer family holiday, it seemed cruel to ship them off.

After research on the internet, I came across Pet Sitting Plus. The service sounded to good to be true! I contacted Bronwyn and organised a meeting as soon as possible.

Upon meeting with Bronwyn I felt at ease immediately. Such a generous and kind hearted spirit. If I had had any doubts beforehand my female “scaredy cat” Minx, who is afraid of all strangers, jumped straight onto Bronwyn’s lap. I was “Sold” on the service.

We have been using Pet Sitting Plus for both short and long stay holidays now, with our most recent holiday being 31 days. We receive regular updates by email and SMS and even pictures on Facebook. We always come home to healthy, clean looking cats.

Not only does Pet Sitting Plus provide a great pet service, they go beyond the call of duty by watching over the house, collecting mail, putting out the bins etc.

We cannot recommend highly enough the service that Bronwyn and her team offer. They are reliable, trustworthy, kind, and offer our pets the comfort of remaining in their home whilst we are away.

The cost of the service is extremely well priced, but honestly, what price can you put on your beloved pet’s wellbeing?

Keep up the good work Pet Sitting Plus. You are in invaluable asset to our community.
— Renee Graham

What a relief to find you!
We were very anxious about leaving our cats, Tilly and Subhuti (Bhu), for the first time and for so long (6weeks). Our worries melted away when we discovered how strongly you felt that cats needed attention and playtime as much as dogs or any other pet. We liked your practical approach and knew that you would handle any emergency with calm efficiency. We appreciated your honest email letting us know that shy Tilly had taken time to accept you but all was well. We were thrilled to read how you won her over with some Reiki! It was a great joy to come home to two healthy and contented babies. Knowing Bhu and Tilly have a friend in you has given us the freedom to take holidays.

Thank you!
— Cheryl and David, Wyoming

Bronwyn, I would just like to thank you for looking after my baby Mac week after week, whilst I had to commute to work and back during the week. I could not have asked for a better sitter for my beautiful boy. He loves you so much and I'm sure if he could talk he would say thank you very very much for breaking up his day and giving him so much love!! I would recommend you to anyone that is looking for a sitter or a doggy walker, you are just a beautiful person and if everyone in this life time was as kind and caring to animals as you, we would live in a perfect world.

Thank you once again for everything that you have done for both me and Mac, you are a treasure!! xx

 Testimonial from Maya        - Wyoming                                                                   

Bronwyn, I just wanted to tell you once again how much Liane and I appreciate the care you take in looking after our Manni and Hui. They looked great on our return and the yard was spotless too. We will certainly keep giving you our business and cannot recommend you highly enough to our friends and family.
— Tony, Liane, Hui and Manni, Woy Woy
Thanks so much for taking care of Fluffy for me. I’m glad to know she was well taken care of and I must thank you for being available on such short notice. I’ll be in touch again real soon!
— Mrs. Thompson; Woy Woy
Thanks Pet Sitting Plus for taking care of Cali. She enjoys holidays as much as we do, as she knows you guys will be looking after her!
— Mrs. K Shepherd; Umina Beach

Bella loves you! Thanks for keeping her so happy while we were away. I’ve used pet sitters in the past and none even come close to the service offered by your company.
— Mitchell, Elise and Bella; Bensville

We highly recommend Pet Sitting Plus to anyone wanting the highest possible care for their pets. The care and attention Ally and Bonnie have received has been nothing short of outstanding.
— Julie & John; Holgate

Thanks heaps for looking after Toby “the wonder dog” while we were away! Keep up the fantastic work, I know that I can trust you with Toby in the future. I will definitely recommend Pet Sitting Plus to my friends and family.
— Mrs. S. Lee; Tascott